In its broadest sense, the practice of Podiatric Medicine also encompasses orthopedics, surgery and dermatology. The term is often used, however, to delineate those services which, do not usually involve orthopedic or surgical intervention. Although, surgery is available when necessary. In a general podiatric practice, these types of services are regularly provided. Examples are:

  • Bacterial and fungal infections of the skin and subcutaneous tissues
  • Fungus infected toenails
  • Injections or oral medications for conditions of the nerves, ligaments, tendons or fascia
  • Injections or oral medicines for painful arthritic joints or strained ligaments
  • Debridement of foot ulcerations
  • Skin rashes and growths
  • Corns, calluses and abnormal toenails
  • Treatment of plantar warts (verruca)
  • Local manifestation of systemic disease (e.g. gout, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Conservative and Surgical treatment of Bunions and Hammer toes.
  • Orthotics (custom made shoe inserts) as well as custom foot and ankle braces can be made to treat many common foot conditions.

Diagnostic laboratory tests or imaging may be performed to help establish a diagnosis, or monitor the course of a disease. Digital foot and ankle x-rays and diagnostic ultrasound available on premises. Protein rich plasma injection therapy available on premises as well.  

Nexus Laser Therapy is also available. As a breakthrough treatment in pain management, laser therapy is clinically proven as a painless, safe and powerful laser therapy for pain relief.